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We Promote You!

We feature you on our website, the mobile apps, and the Real Estate Lead platform. We  generate high powered Real Estate Leads in your local market and you keep 100% of the commission.

Our Marketing Strategic

On The Web:

We compete with Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com for real estate web traffic for targeted keywords in specific areas. We spend a lot of money, which turns into leads, which turns into sales….


Local Marketing:

We launch a strategic real estate advertising campaign in your local market, including local advertising on the web and or print, give-aways and other media.

You are the featured Realtor on every single listing in your contracted area. This means you can be “The Realtor” to contact on every property listing in your area. Complete with IDX integration , Mobile App and a Lead Generation Platform.

The Mobile Advantage

Browse your properties with lightning speed and powerful search options:

  • Cluster Map Search
  • Search Around You (Location detector system)
  • Draw Search Area on the Map
  • Radius search
  • Normal Search
  • Location map search based on Google locations
  • Create a favorite list of properties

Mobile App Leads

  • App users will be able to directly call you, send email or SMS to you the Realtor!
  • App users will be able to directly share the property with social media like Facebook, Twitter or Gmail and Google+ via their mobile social accounts.
  • See your properties based on their device culture
  • Featured Realtor

    All listings within the MLS within your contracted area will feature you as the contact Realtor on every single property. This means app users will be able to search properties, request showings, directly call and email you the realtor directly through the Real Estate App.
    It Simply Works!

    With RealEstateApp.com and LocalRealtyApp.com you are the only choice and it works great, it gets your phone ringing.  We provide a simple affordable way to produce Exclusive Quality  Real Estate Leads!

    “Out of the First 3  leads , An Offer, A Buyers Agent Contract
      And one Customer still looking, Not Bad!”
      Murray Townsend
    Realty And Auction LLC


    Targeted Advertising

    We push targeted traffic by employing search engine optimization, social networking and Pay Per Click.  We have been generating leads online for over 15 years and are helping Real Estate Agents compete with the likes of Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com for local web searches seeking to buy or sell property. Our site is geared toward lead generation and is customized to meet the needs of Real-estate  professionals nationwide.

    Organic Search Engine Marketing

    You will not find a IDX on a  iframe on this site, we do a complete custom integration with each  Multilisting service. This means we pull the entire database down and serve the properties on our server, which means strong search engine visibility and cheaper pay per click costs. PPC Key word strategies (A Premium service) is available.

    “We have over 15 years online marketing experience and want to help you the Realtor grow your business!”
    S. Stanfield

    Limited Availability…

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